Lars Mæhle and Cathrine Sandmæl - Selected Title Authors

We are happy to present our selected title author Lars Mæhle. He has written Alba og Finito – The Mystery of the Silent Parrot (original title: Alba og Finito – Mysteriet med den tause papegøyen), which is illustrated by Cathrine Sandmæl.
The book is one of NORLA’s Selected Titles of the spring 2024.

Lars mæhle  foto marie mæhle rekdal
Lars Mæhle. Foto: Marie Mæhle Rekdal

What is your book about?

Alba’s dads have just split up, but luckily, Finito, Alba’s Labrador and a retired police dog, will living with her all the time. One Friday evening, one of Alba’s dads, Truls – “Norway’s veterinarian” – gets a strange call. From hotel king Petrus Langdalen. Langdalen needs help from a vet because Peggy, his beloved parrot, has suddenly stopped speaking. Why? This happens just as Langdalen is opening a new spa hotel with an enormous celebrity launch party. Alba, Finito, and Truls are also invited. While Truls examines the parrot, strange things start happening at the hotel… All of a sudden, Alba and Finito are on the trail of a cunning and desperate thief among the festively dressed celebrities. “The Mystery of the Silent Parrot” is a luxury hotel mystery with a ton of action, excitement, and humor!

Who is this book for?

The book was written for children ages 6-9. You could perhaps specifically say children who like animals and a good mystery (with a solid dose of humor, of course).
One of the goals of the series is also to teach children more about animal welfare. During the production of the book, the publisher spoke with veterinarians and other professionals to ensure that all the animal facts in the book are as accurate as possible.
We also hope that the book might give children who dream of becoming a veterinarian a little insight into what the job actually entails.

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