Norwegian literature online

Below we are offering a selection of links to websites both with samples of and about Norwegian literature in different languages.
Links to websites in Norwegian may be found here.

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Translations of Norwegian literature

Visit Flickr to see all book covers of Norwegian books translated through translation grants from NORLA and/or The Nordic Council of Ministers (since 2011).

Listing of Norwegian crime fiction titles translated into English (published in the UK).
- or see listing per author.

Listing of Norwegian literature translated into German (as of October 2019. NB: The list also includes German language books on Norway and Norwegian topics).

Listing of literature by both Norwegian and Sámi authors translated into Dutch.
We also recommend the bibliography by Raf de Saeger Noorse auteurs in Nederlandse vertaling 1741-2018. Een bibliografie (Norske forfattere oversatt til nederlandsk 1741-2018. En bibliografi).
It contains information on more than 1,500 Norwegian titles translated into Dutch, plus information on approx. 400 Norwegian authors. (Extended edition).

Listing of Norwegian literature translated into Italian.

Listing of Norwegian literature translated into Czech.

Information on Norwegian literature

Are you interested in learning more about the literary system in Norway, the Norwegian languages, genres etc.? Then have a look here.

More information on the Norwegian book industry is available here.

Learn more about Norwegian literature for children and young adults in the article Norwegian Children’s Literature: Fun and Breaking Taboos.

Information on Norwegian and Nordic female authors.

News on Norwegian literary events, authors and new releases in the UK, visit

News on Norwegian cultural events, including new book releases in France, visit

Read Norwegian short stories and poetry

At Words Without Borders you will find a great selection of Norwegian and also North Sámi short stories/prose in English.

Also see Asymptote Journal for Norwegian short stories, prose and poems in English.

Read a selection of Norwegian poetry in English and German

As part of the Norwegian Guest of Honour project at the Frankfurter Buchmesse we introduced the series “Poem of the Week” / “Gedicht der Woche”, with one poem every week throughout 2019.
Read the poems here either in English or in German.

A lot of Norwegian poems are available in English at the website Poetry International (although not recently updated).

A selection of Norwegian poetry is also available in both English and German translation at (English).
Find the German translations here.

See the comprehensive anthology New Norwegian Poetry by the publishing house Kolon.

Also poetry translated from Northern Sami is available in English and German

The Norwegian book industry

See our information on the Norwegian book industry here.