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Translation subsidy

NORLA’s translation subsidies are intended to encourage foreign publishers to publish books by Norwegian and Sami authors of fiction and non-fiction. Publishers from the entire world, including from the Nordic region, can apply for NORLA’s subsidies for translations of Norwegian literature.

Send application form and attachments to:
and write ‘Translation Subsidy’ in the subject field.

Click here to see NORLA’s criteria for translation of fiction and/or non-fiction (last updated February 2021).

Read more about subsidies for translations within the Nordic region here.

The text must be published in book form and it is a requirement that the application be submitted before publication.
Translation shall normally be done directly from Norwegian. All applications must include a contract between the rightsholder and translator, and the translator’s CV demonstrating that he/she masters the Norwegian language. An exception can be made here, where special circumstances apply, such as a lack of qualified translators from Norwegian. In the event of a translation via languages other than Norwegian, NORLA requests documentation that the rights on the new translation have been cleared with the primary translator.

All applications for translation subsidies (and where applicable, production subsidies) are assessed by NORLA’s two committees of experts: one committee for fiction and one committee for non-fiction.
NORLA’s committees of experts can award subsidies for up to four applications per publisher per year, and publishers can apply for subsidies for a maximum of two books per application round.
Read more about NORLA’s committees of experts here.

Use the application form (below).
Due to our mail server policy we cannot receive zip-files. Please send us Word- or PDF-files.

Application deadlines:
The application deadlines for non-fiction titles are:
1 February, 1 June and 1 October.

The application deadlines for fiction titles are:
1 April, 1 August and 15 November.

All applications are considered within approximately 1 month’s time.

Information about subsidies granted by NORLA is to appear on the book’s copyright page. The following statement (in the language in question) is a recommendation:
“This translation has been published with the financial support of NORLA, Norwegian Literature Abroad.”

NORLA’s logo shall also be featured (available for download here).

In addition to translation subsidies for Norwegian books, publishers can also apply to NORLA for production subsidies for picture books for children and certain types of Norwegian illustrated non-fiction. This application must be sent simultaneously.
Read more about production subsidies for Norwegian titles here.

Books from Norway provides you with English-language information about all genres of Norwegian literature. The information is provided by the rightsholders and NORLA.

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