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Skomsvold johnsen dyrene sover 9788203365461

Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold

Bedtime for Bo (Dyrene sover)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Braz. Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Macedonian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, World English

Bedtime for Bo is a book about little Bo who doesn’t want to go to bed and his mother who tells stories about how the animals sleep to guide Bo from supper, to bathing, to brushing his teeth, to bed and to finally falling asleep. It is a charming and beautifully illustrated good night story, perfect for reading aloud for curios children.

Awarded New York Times/New Your Public Library: Best Illustrated Children’s Books Award 2022, The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf – Bologna Raggazzi Award 2022, “Best of Show 2022″ – The Year’s Most Beautiful Books (the Norwegian Designer’s Guild visual prize), “GOLD – Best Illustrations and Design Children’s Book 2022″ – The Year’s Most Beautiful Books (the Norwegian Designer’s Guild visual prize)
Nominated for the 2021 Brage Prize and the 2021 Ministry of Culture Picture Book Prize

Org egget høyoppløst1

Lars Mæhle

The Dinosaur Bunch (Dinosaurgjengen)

Rights: HAGEN AGENCY by Eirin Hagen
So far sold to: Titles in the series sold to: China, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Mongolia, Russia, Sami language, Sweden, Ukraine

Get to know all about dinosaurs big and small in The Dinosaur Bunch series, which follows the big and small happenings in the lives of Reggie Rex and his friends.
The books are perfect for reading aloud and are suitable for young children who have just started to read on their own. At the back of each book there are lots of facts about all the dinosaurs featured in the story.
Length: 48 pages. Format 20 × 25 cm. 175 000 copies of the series printed in Norway alone!

Grytten johnsen bedtime english

Frode Grytten

Bedtime (Leggetid)

Rights: Saga Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: China, Denmark, France, Germany, South Korea

Daddy says it’s bedtime, but his little girl wants them to carry on reading. Just one more book before she goes to sleep! She wishes that someone would write a book about her for once. Up on the bookcase there isn’t a single story about her!
They patch together a book about the girl. Will there be a slime monster in the book? Perhaps she will climb up the world’s tallest mountain? Maybe she will travel backwards in time to meet her Grandpa? Or go into the future to meet herself as a grown-up?
Illustrated by Mari Kanstad Johnsen. 2021 White Ravens

Roskifte alle sammen teller hd

Kristin Roskifte

Everybody Counts (Alle sammen teller)

Rights: Magikon forlag | |
So far sold to: Burmese, Catalan, Czech, Chinese Complex, Chinese Simplified, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English (World), Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Greenlandic, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (EUR), Portuguese (BR), Russian, Sami (Lule), Sami (North), Sami (South), Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (EUR), Spanish (LAT), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Everybody Counts is a seek-and-find book, a counting book, and a picture book about humanity. Every single one of us has a unique story, but we are all part of the same group – the world.

Winner of the 2019 Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize, and Gold Award, Most Beautiful Books of the Year, Visuelt / Grafill..White Ravens 2019. Also included in the dPICTUS platform’s ‘100 Outstanding Picturebooks’ selection, spring 2020. Nominated for the 2019 World Illustration Awards and the 2018 Brage Prize

Nyhus verden sa ja hd

Kaia Dahle Nyhus

The World Said Yes! (Verden sa ja)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Brazil, Catalonia, China, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden

How did the world come into existence? How did we come into existence?
Kaia Dahle Nyhus takes the reader along on a marvelous journey of discovery to find out where we come from and when we became people. It is an explanation of evolution for young children and told in an original and poetic way. This book kindles curiosity about the big questions: Who are we and where are we going?

Winner of the 2018 Literary Critics’ Prize

Rørvik reveljen griseposten omslag

Bjørn F. Rørvik

Reynard´s Reveille - Piggy post (Reveljen - Griseposten)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Poland, Russia Previous titles in the series sold to: China, Denmark, Russia, Sweden

New read-aloud gem about Fox and Piglet that is especially entertaining for all children and adults with a sense of humor!

In the thirteenth book about Fox and Piglet, the two friends decide to start a newspaper. But it isn’t that easy to find exciting news in the forest! A mouse who almost trips isn’t that fun to write about. And what will they have on the front page? Luckily, the King of the Forest is coming to visit, and then things start to pick up.

Lea du og jeg

Synne Lea

You and I (Du og jeg)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Belgium, Denmark, Republic of Korea, Romania, Taiwan

Grandfather’s rowboat is ready, little brother runs ahead. They are going to row, play the letter game, see the great ocean. But the girl in this story is hesitant. There is something that is hard to talk about. One day all of this will be their, grandfather says. The boat, the rain cap, the camping stove. But the girl does not want it. She only wants to keep her grandfather.

You and I is a story about loving someone, and about being afraid of loosing the one you love.

Hagerup aisato jenta som ville redde boekene 475x600

Klaus Hagerup

The Girl Who Wanted to Save the Books (Jenta som ville redde bøkene)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Albanian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Braz. Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Anna is nearly 10 years old and loves to read. She loves reading so much that one of her best friends is the librarian, Monsen. One day Monsen tells Anna what happens to the books no one wants to borrow from the library. The books disappear. The books are destroyed.
But what happens to all those who live inside these books, Anna wonders? Do they disappear too? This is just too much to bear, Anna thinks. She has to save the books! But how?

Illustrated by Lisa Aisato.

P e omslag

Espen Dekko

P+E (P+E)

Rights: Magikon forlag | |
So far sold to: Chinese Simplified, Dutch, English (North America), French, German, Korean, Turkish

A boy, Edward, has a very strong and loving relationship with the family dog, Puff. Puff used to love chasing rabbits, cats and cars. Now Puff doesn’t enjoy running anymore. He has been running enough. Puff just wants to lie in Edward’s bed and dream. Dream about everything he has done. Together with Edward.

Illustrated by Mari Kanstad Johnsen.

Larsen jeg er døden jeg er livet

Elisabeth Helland Larsen

I Am Death / I Am Life / I Am the Clown (Jeg er Døden / Jeg er Livet / Jeg er Klovnen)

Rights: Magikon forlag | |
So far sold to: <i>I Am Death</i> sold to: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch (Belgium), English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Persian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish <i>I Am Life</i> sold to: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch (Belgium), English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Persian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Slovak, Spanish <i>I Am The Clown</i> sold to: French, Italian, Korean

A trilogy about life and death that address fundamental questions of death and life in a beautiful and poetic way, independent of cultural and religious background. Illustrated by Marine Schneider.


Alice Bjerknes Lima de Faria

The Bird Party (Fuglefesten)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Republic Of Korea, Spain, Sweden

Flapps is a nocturnal animal who gets bored when there’s no one to play with. Everyone else sleeps at night – just not Flapps!
Sometimes Mark plays with her, but tonight Mark has to go to bed earlier than usual. Mark was invited to a birthday party at the birds’ place. Flapps wasn’t. So, she steals the invitation when Mark is sleeping and goes herself. But the birds aren’t particularly interested in having a visit from Flapps. They want Mark, and there’s a reason for that…

Kove tråder 9788202543105

Torill Kove

Threads (Tråder)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Republic Of Korea

Threads is based on Torill Kove’s latest animated film of the same name. A red thread lifts a woman up and leads her to a small child. The child is anxious and doesn’t like to be touched, but eventually the two are tied together. We follow them through the child’s upbringing – until the thread loosens and the child goes its own way.
A poignant and touching story about love and attachment, told almost without a single word.

Torseter mulegutten hd

Øyvind Torseter

Mule Boy (Mulegutten)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Bulgaria, Denmark, France/Switzerland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Republic Of Korea, Spain, USA

The story of Mule Boy is based on the Norwegian fairy tale about “The Troll Who Had No Heart”.
The king has sent six of his seven sons out into the world to find suitable princesses. The sons don’t return and Mule Boy insists on finding out what has happened to his brothers. He discovers that the troll has turned his brothers and their brides into stone. He makes his way into the mountain to get hold of the troll and free the princess whom the troll has captured.
Winner of the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2018 for best picture book and the Norwegian Critics’ Prize for Literature, Best Children’s and Young Adult Book 2015. Nominated for the Nordic Council Children and YA Literature Prize 2016.

Bok 603

Lisa Aisato

A Fish for Luna (En fisk til Luna)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Chinese simplified, Czech, Danish, English in China, Hindi, Icelandic, Macedonian, Persian, Romanian

Luna can’t sleep. She opens her window and peeks out. There is something out there. Something is gliding slowly between the houses. Is it a balloon? A flying fish? Luna’s parents say it is ugly and that she can’t keep it, so Luna decides to help it back home. But it won’t say where home is.
All it says is “Ay”, “Yue”, “Kuu”, “Maan”, “Tsuki”, “Karoo” and “Kamar”. And it says “Luna”. With great bravery Lisa Aisato explores life’s big issues and presents an original and fresh take on subjects as human as loneliness and hope.

Johnsen livredd i syden omslag

Mari Kanstad Johnsen

Scary Holiday (Livredd i Syden)

Rights: <b>Gyldendal Agency | |</b>
So far sold to: French, Korean, Spanish, Swedish

Everybody loves a holiday in the sun, except Maja. What’s the point of standing in endless queues, jumping from diving towers into waves that could throw anyone over? Luckily, Maja has Daddy who is big and strong and fearless, so it doesn’t matter much that Maja is a scaredy-cat. But what happens when Daddy all of a sudden vanishes?

Bok 504

Yulia Horst

Tails Throughout Time (Halens historie)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Arabic (Palestine), Chinese, Danish, French, Korean

This is a fantastically original picture book built on one simple yet alluring premise: What would life be like if people had tails? A shrewd and lexical text combined with classic and beautiful illustrations, Tails Throughout Time entices the reader to visit a hypothetical world – a world populated by people with tails! We see how tails can be used to convey emotions, how they can come in handy when we want to flirt a little, or even to poke fun at others. Tails Throughout Time is a beautiful and charmingly outlandish picture book written in the style of a factbook, all about the history of the tail. Illustrated by Daria Rychkova. Winner of the BolognaRagazzi Award – Opera Prima 2014.

Bok 366

Øyvind Torseter

The Hole (Hullet)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Australia, China, Germany, Iran, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, Republic Of Korea, Russia, South-Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA

‘Hello, I’ve discovered a hole in my apartment … it moves around … yes … if you could come and look at it … bring it down to you, you say … how … hello!’
The protagonist has discovered a hole and tries to find an explanation. He seeks expert advice. But not everything can be explained. Perhaps he will just have to accept that it’s there.
The Hole has simple, expressive drawings by pen and computer. The hole is punched right through the book, so it exists in real life.
Winner of the prize for Norway’s most beautiful book 2013 and the French Prix Jeune Alber Nominated for the Brage Prize 2012 and IBBY’s Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2012

Helleve ida 9788202337797

Jørn Hurum

Ida (Ida)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Belgium (Dutch), China, Denmark, France, Japan, Russia

47 million years ago there lived an ape-like little creature in a jungle in Germany. Today she is best known to the world as the fossil Ida. In this wonderful, illustrated picture book we learn how she lived and how we know what we do about her today.
When paleontologist Jørn Hurum introduced Ida to the world’s media in 2009, she became a scientific sensation. Ida is our very own 47 million year old ancestor, and this picture book written by Jørn Hurum and Torstein Helleve from the Natural History Museum and illustrated by Esther van Hulsen brings Ida to life once again.

Bok 236

Åshild Kanstad Johnsen

Block Makes a Museum (Kubbe lager museum)

Rights: Gyldendal Agency | |
So far sold to: China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain (Spanish and Catalan), Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey

Block likes to collect things he finds in the forest. There are so many treasures out there, he thinks. He takes all these treasures home and puts them in nice boxes. But one day the boxes are full! So Block opens his own museum. The museum is a great success. Almost too much so, Block thinks… is he really supposed to have to queue up to go to his own bathroom for the rest of his life?

Rørvik   moursund   de tre bukkene bruse på badeland

Bjørn F. Rørvik

The Three Billy Goats Gruff at the Water Park (Bukkene Bruse på badeland)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: China, Denmark, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Japan, Macedonia, Russia, South Korea, Sweden Also as animated e-book: South Korea

The three Billy Goats Gruff are on their way to the meadow, as usual, to eat the green grass. But along the road they find a New sign: Water Park – 200 meters. The Gruff brothers think this sounds tempting. And maybe they won’t have to face the troll that is always waiting under the bridge to scare them every time they head for the hills to buy waffles.
The water park is exciting, especially the long slide. But then the troll shows up…

Illustrated by Gry Moursund.

The book forms the basis for an animated film by the production company Qvisten Animasjon (2023).

Bok 124

Kari Stai

Yesper and Noper (Jakob og Neikob)

Rights: Saga Literary Agency | | +47 45 25 51 10
So far sold to: China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India (Hindi, Bengali and English), Israel, Italy, North Macedonia, South Korea, Ukraine and Uruguay

Yesper and Noper live together in a house on top of a hill. They are good friends, even though they are very different from each other. Jesper says “YES” to everything, and Noper says “NO” to everything. Some days, Noper gets fed up with all the things Yesper has said YES to. The house is filled to the brim with lamps and stuff they don’t need. In the end, Noper asks Yesper to move out, and Yesper says YES immediately. So, they live on a YES mount and a NO mount, until one day Yesper gets so tired of being alone, that he hatches a sneaky plan to get Noper to say yes to a car ride.

Awarded the Ministry of Culture’s Prize for the best début work in 2008.

Fiske hallo jorda

Anna Fiske

Hello Earth! (Hallo Jorda!)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: China, Denmark, South Korea, Russia

Hello Earth! is a search and find book. We follow six people on Earth for 16 hours. The reader can also find a lot of other things that happen or change from one hour to the next. For example, the small red car that’s always going the wrong way, or the giraffe that’s eating nearly all the leaves on the tree, and the lady who’s knitting a really long scarf; all these can be found in the book.

Other titles in the series are:
Hello City!, Hello Crayon!, Hello Planet!, Hello Down There!, Hello Sea!, Hello Forest!.

Bok 72

Stian Hole

Garmann’s Summer (Garmanns sommer)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Faroe Islands, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Palestinian Territory, Poland, Quatar, Republic Of Korea, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, USA

Summer is nearly over and Garmann is going to start school. He dreads it, and he tries to find out if adults dread doing things, too. At the same time, he keeps checking if he’s got a loose tooth. Garmann thinks about life and death, the present and the future. «What do you want to be when you grow up?» Aunt Augusta whispers to him. «A sword swallower,» Garmann answers.
Winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2007.
Two more titles on Garmann have been published to much acclaim in Norway and abroad: Garmann’s Street (2008), and Garmann’s Secret (2010) – both so far sold to eleven countries.