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Anna Blix

40 Weeks. A Human Pregnancy and 81 Other Ways to Reproduce (40 uker. En menneskegraviditet og 81 andre måter å få barn på)

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So far sold to: Germany, United Kingdom

Anna Blix takes the reader on a personal, investigative, and deeply fascinating journey through each of the 40 weeks in a human pregnancy. Parallelly, for each week, we meet other creatures who have just delivered their next generation into the world. The bacteria E. coli has multiplied by two within 20 minutes. An Eastern grey kangaroo is pregnant for just 5 weeks before giving birth to a baby the size of a bean, which then crawls into its pouch to grow. And the birds with the longest incubation period of all, the wandering albatross, is done with their incubation period after only 10 weeks.
This book gives evolutionary comfort throughout the troubles of pregnancy, and an explanation as to how we ended up here: as the smartest species with the most tiresome, but nonetheless not such a bad way to reproduce.

Sætre østli den nye fisken

Simen Sætre and Kjetil S. Østli

The New Fish. The Global History of Salmon Farming (Den nye fisken. Om temmingen av laksen og alt det forunderlige som fulgte)

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So far sold to: China, Finland, United Kingdom, United States

In the early 1970s, a group of scientists researched how to make more food for the population of the world. They looked to the sea. They sampled genes from salmon in 41 Norwegian and Swedish rivers, and designed a new salmon that was fatter, more docile, and faster growing. This was the beginning of a new industry – salmon farming.
The industry spread from coastal Norway to Scotland, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Chile, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. Jobs were created, business boomed, and salmon farmers became extremely rich. A new type of food, the salmon sushi, spread around the globe. But as soon as this new fish was let loose in nature, unexpected things started to happen. Wild salmon stocks disappeared, diseases spread in salmon farms, salmon louse swarmed, and the new industry became highly contested.

In a prizewinning five-year investigation, authors Sætre and Østli has taken a closer look at the salmon industry. For the first time, the global history of salmon farming is told. The result combines nature writing from Norwegian fjords, the coast of Canada, Icelandic landscapes and the far south of Chile with classical muckraking and character-driven literary non-fiction. The authors start out with a question: What happens when you place a new animal in the sea?

Tjernshaugen reven 9788248927600

Andreas Tjernshaugen

Wild. On the Trail of the Red Fox (Reven. Portrett av et villdyr)

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So far sold to: Germany, World English

If you look into the amber eyes of the fox, you’ll discover that the pupils are vertical slits, like those of a cat. There’s a clue about the nature of the fox right there: a cat’s eyes in a slender canine body. The fox lives close to people, both in the city and in the country, but it is often shy and secretive. In Wild, Andreas Tjernshaugen shares his experiences from two years of watching foxes in a rural area near his home outside Oslo, Norway, where they are hunted and typically shun people.
The book also delves into the cultural history of the fox, and compares fictional foxes with the real ones.

Sverdrup thygeson på naturens skuldre

Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

Tapestries of Life: Uncovering the Lifesaving Secrets of the Natural World (På naturens skuldre. Hvordan ti millioner arter redder livet ditt)

Rights: Stilton Literary Agency by Hans Petter Bakketeig | |
So far sold to: China, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Korea, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, UK + BCW, Vietnam

You and I are much more deeply interwoven into the intricate fabric of nature than we might think. Millions of species give us food, medicine and a habitable environment – and nature is also a source of knowledge and joy.
In characteristically engaging prose, Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson regales readers with exciting and thought-provoking stories about nature.
Fascinating tales of our interactions with nature, from the author of popular science bestseller, Extraordinary Insects.

Endresen litt som oss final

Kristoffer Hatteland Endresen

A little like us: A pig's tale (Litt som oss. En fortelling om grisen)

Rights: Northern Stories | |
So far sold to: Estonia, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia (auction), World English Rights

Winston Churchill said: ‘Dogs look up to us, cats look down on us. Give me a pig! He looks you in the eye and treats you as an equal.’ But the relationship between pig and human is complicated.

The pig is a living metaphor for all that is filthy, ugly, shameful and sinful. The pig is cast out – or more accurately, penned in, carefully concealed from the human gaze. Industrially farmed pigs never have the experience of lumbering out into the fresh spring air after being shut in for half a year like cows, and few people seem to care. At the same time, the pig is an invaluable medical model for the human body. And it is the animal we have eaten most of in the past fifty years.

To get to the bottom of its essence and its mysteries, Kristoffer Hatteland Endresen cared for a litter of pigs from birth to slaughter in Jæren’s intensive pork industry. The result is a fascinating tale of appetite and aversion, meat and morals. And of a question that has haunted us across the ages: where, in fact, is the dividing line between humans and animals?

Sandberg mørke 9788252197754 jpg

Sigri Sandberg

In Defence of Darkness (Mørke. Stjerner, redsel og fem netter på Finse)

Rights: Winje Agency | |
So far sold to: British English, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Spanish

Sigri Sandberg has always been afraid of the dark. She undertakes a solo voyage to the mountains in the dead of winter to probe the darkness as well as uncover what lies behind her own fear. As she journeys, she introduces us to another woman, Christiane Ritter, who spent a long winter in a trapper’s hut on Svalbard in 1934.

Sandberg writes about what happens to the body at night. She touches on sleep, stars, black holes, northern lights, but also airspace laws and the global struggle to maintain a night sky. Could it be that the scary darkness in fact is much more important than we may have thought?

Røyne menneskets grunnstoffer

Anja Røyne

The Elements We Live By (Menneskets grunnstoffer. Byggeklossene vi og verden er laget av)

Rights: Stilton Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: China, Italy, Korea, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, UK+British Commonwealth, USA/N-A, World French

Where do the elements come from and could we use them up? Physicist Anja Røyne takes an original approach, writing a book about the building blocks from which we humans – and the whole of the world – are made. By asking questions like “could we run out of iron?” and “is there enough sand?”, she leads the reader into discussions about the world’s resources at both the micro and macro level, and about how the universe fits together.
Winner of the 2018 Brage Prize for best popular science book

Kalvø hyttebok frå helvete hd

Are Kalvø

The Hiking Book From Hell (Hyttebok frå Helvete)

Rights: Stilton Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, World English Rights

A comedian’s reluctant attempt to learn to love nature

Are Kalvø grew up smack dab in the middle of a postcard in north-western Norway, surrounded by fjords and mountains that people from halfway across the globe travel to see. Yet he’s never been much of an outdoorsman. Once he moved to the city, he never looked back. This has never been a problem.

Until a few years ago, Kalvø began losing friends to the mountains. One day, Kalvø realized that he did not have a single Facebook friend who had not posted a single photo of themselves on a mountain. That’s enough to make a person start wondering. Is it perhaps me who has been mistaken all this time? In fear of missing out on something, he heads out to the mountains himself…

Tjernshaugen hvaleventyret hpb 17.09.

Andreas Tjernshaugen

Whale Tale. How we hunted the world's largest animal to the brink of extinction (Hvaleventyret. Hvordan vi nesten utryddet det største dyret som har levd)

Rights: Stilton Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Germany, Russia

Whale Tale is a gripping history of the encounter between humans and the world’s largest creature. It describes the whales’ annual trek from the ice to warmer oceans, the perilous expeditions of pioneer whalers to the polar seas as well as the struggle to save the world’s last remaining blue whales.

Ekelund stiens historie

Torbjørn Ekelund

History of the Path. A Journey on Foot (Stiens historie. En reise til fots)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Catalonia, China, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Republic Of Korea, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, World English Rights

Torbjørn Ekelund takes the reader on a personal and fascinating journey through the history of the path, from when the first humans migrated north after the last ice age to the organised hiking trails of our time. Stiens historie is a tale of movement and sense of orientation, migration and shortcuts, about the migration routes of birds and animals, about the landscape’s significance to our lives, about our inherited need to move around, and about what we have lost in an age where everyone sits in an office, drives a car and navigates using GPS.

Larsen stjernejeger 9788202585167

Jon Larsen

Starhunter (Stjernejeger)

Rights: Northern Stories | |
So far sold to: Germany

The solar system is a dusty place. Every day approximately 100 metric tons of cosmic dust collide with Earth, mainly in the form of micrometeorites. Still, little is known about these exotic extraterrestrials. Is it possible to find micrometeorites in populated areas? The question has been raised for nearly a century, and despite numerous attempts, the answer has been a very short ‘No’. Until, that is, Jon Larsen managed to solve this puzzle, which was rated among the top 100 Discoveries of 2017 by Discover Magazine.
Starhunter explains the history of micrometeorites, and offers chapters about micrometeorite formation, classification and analysis—and it explains what it is like to hold a part of cosmos in your hands.

Mueller skogens historie 9788203297519

Reidar Müller

Howling in the Woods – The History of the Forest and the Man Who Came Looking for the Grey Wolf (Skogens historie)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Czech, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

A predator, mythical and debated, is lurking around in the Scandinavian woods.
At first the author just wants to get close to it. Then his search becomes an obsession.

The forests of folklore are the homes of strange, supernatural creatures. But worldly beasts have also aroused wonder and fear. None more so than the wolf. Reidar Müller, an otherwise sober naturalist, becomes deeply fascinated with this mysterious animal of prey. He learns from experienced woodsmen how to track the wolf, and is drawn ever deeper into the woods. Until he finds himself standing alone in the wilderness, howling to the Grey Wolf.

Vassnes frostens rike hd

Bjørn Vassnes

The Kingdom of Frost (Frostens rike)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Azerbaijan, Canada, Finland, Germany, Poland, Republic Of Korea

The Cryosphere is the name of those parts of the earth that contain frozen water; like snow, ice, permafrost, glaciers – and something that very few has heard of: invisible glaciers. This is a part of the world that most of us only know from afar – with the exception of Norwegians and other Northerners. But we see less and less of it, as the area is shrinking.
Bjørn Vassnes is Norway´s leading science journalist and native to the arctic plateau of Finnmarksvidda, and in The Kingdom of Frost he takes us on a fascinating journey through climate research, biology, cultural history and archaeology.

Fidjestøl nesten menneske web

Alfred Fidjestøl

Almost Human – A Biography of Julius the Chimpanzee (Nesten menneske. Biografien om Julius)

Rights: HAGEN AGENCY by Eirin Hagen | |
So far sold to: Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, World English Rights

Julius the Chimpanzee is the most famous animal in Norway. He was born in Kristiansand Zoo in southern Norway in 1979. Six weeks old he was rejected by his mother and had to live with a human family for one year. A camera crew followed him and the following TV program made him into a celebrity in Norway. The humans tried to raise him as a regular chimp and in due course he was returned to his own tribe. But he was frequently brought back to the humans and for a long while he was homeless in both worlds. This book tells the remarkable history about this unique chimpanzee life. Using international research on chimpanzees, the author attempts to find out and understand what goes on in the head of chimpanzees like Julius.

Woon stien tilbake hd

Long Litt Woon

The Way Through The Woods: Of Mushrooms and Mourning (Stien tilbake til livet. Om sopp og sorg)

Rights: Winje Agency | |
So far sold to: Catalan, Czech, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, World – English, US

This is a story about a journey that started abruptly when the author’s life collapsed. In the midst of paralyzing grief, she stumbles upon the wondrous world of mushrooms. As she sets out on a voyage of discovery into the realm of fungi, she ventures along a parallel journey through an inner landscape of pain and sorrow.
As Long takes the reader through this simultaneously funny and heartbreaking story, her unusual, personal quest soon feels familiar; at it’s underlying core the story is one of common human experience.

Østby å dykke etter sjøhester hd

Hilde and Ylva Østby

Diving for Seahorses. A Book About Memory (Å dykke etter sjøhester)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada - World English Rights, China, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, Republic Of Korea, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, USA

Take a plunge into the science of memory, together with sisters Hilde and Ylva Østby.
They explore the many facets of memory and how it influences our lives, both from a neuroscience perspective and through conversations with some of the most influential memory researchers of our time. Diving for Seahorses explains memory through personal and vivid tale telling, combining the best of two craftsmanships: Hilde is a novelist, and Ylva is a neuropsychologist.

Hessen c hd

Dag O. Hessen

C (C. En uautorisert biografi)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Argentina, Switzerland, UK

Most of the life processes within and around us involve carbon in one form or another. Carbon in pure form can be both graphite in a pencil, and diamond. It is also the starting point for most of the synthetic materials which pervade modern life. However, the essence of Dag O. Hessen’s story is the lifecycle of carbon, the important balance between photosynthesis and cellular respiration, between building and burning. This book gives us the basis we need for that understanding. It is an informal, well-informed book written with strong personal commitment by one of Norway’s best presenters of research and science.

Tjernshaugen meisenes hemmelige liv hd

Andreas Tjernshaugen

The Secret Life of Small Birds (Meisenes hemmelige liv)

Rights: Stilton Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Denmark, Finland, Germany

Did you know that great tits that have grown up in a blue tits’ nest, often sing like blue tits? Or that the golden color on a tits chest comes from the same coloring as that which makes fall leaves yellow?
In The Secret Lives of Small Birds, we follow the great tit and the blue tit through an entire year. Here you can read about how the tits live and learn, how they choose their partner, how they survive the harsh winter and why they sing. And perhaps the tits are more similar to us than we think?