Koritzinsky jeg har ennå ikke sett verden

Roskva Koritzinsky

I Have not yet Seen The World (Jeg har ennå ikke sett verden)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Danish, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

A middle aged man, working in drug rehabilitation, leaves his wife and children after falling in love with a teenage client. A single woman returns from work one day, to find that an entire litter of puppies have gone missing. A girl writes a love letter to her boyfriend, seven months after his death.

Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Award 2018

Aubert kan jeg bli med deg hjem

Marie Aubert

Can I Come Home with You (Kan jeg bli med deg hjem)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Albanian, Danish, German, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish

The stories in Marie Aubert’s first book are about people on the verge of breaking out – from friendships, marriages and relationships. They all do things they are ashamed of, while clinging to the idea that they are leaving for something greater.

A worn-out father hits his daughter and tries to stop her from telling others. A sixteen year old girl sneaks into somebody else’s house. A young woman has bruises on her body and doesn’t know if she likes it. A man goes to South America with his wife to adopt a boy, but finds himself drawn to a slightly too old girl.

Askildsen askildsens beste

Kjell Askildsen

Askildsen’s Best (Askildsens beste. 18 noveller utvalgt av forfatteren)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: American English, British English, Bosnian, Czech, Danish, Faroese, German, Persian, Swedish

A definite selection of 18 of Askildsen’s best stories, selected by the author himself.

Bok 515

Ingvild H. Rishøi

Winter Stories (Vinternoveller)

Rights: Paloma Agency | |
So far sold to: Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, World English rights

It is impossible to remain unscathed by Ingvild H. Rishøi’s writing. No other writer produces better depictions of the vulnerability and fragility of humankind, of how unpredictable a grey everyday life can be. Her short stories have the capacity to deeply move a reader without compromising any of their literary quality or psychological depth. Winter Stories are about fleeing on a train, about karaoke, shopping malls and snow, and about how immensely difficult buying a pillow can be. But first and foremost, Winter Stories are three tales of love. Three stories about people who mean well, who do their best, but don’t always succeed.

Winner of the Swedish Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns Internationella litteraturpris 2019, the Critics’ Prize 2014, the Brage Prize 2014, the Norwegian Book Blogger Award 2014

Bok 531

Mikkel Bugge

The Rope (Tauet)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |

A woman smashes her skull and does all she can to prevent everything from pouring out. An artist reveals his innermost world in a barn in Steigen.
A writer steals the story belonging to his closest colleague and becomes involved in a murder investigation.
The Rope is a collection of short stories where reality cracks and secrets are revealed. In Mikkel Bugge’s vital prose extraordinary meetings, dangerous displacements and fabulous landscapes occur.

Øyehaug knutar

Gunnhild Øyehaug

Knots (Knutar)

Rights: Gyldendal Agency | |
So far sold to: Croatia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain - Catalan and World Spanish Rights, USA - World English Rights

A displeased deer, a man tied to his mother by an un-severable umbilical cord, a young woman who is secretly in love with her terminally ill best friend, a slightly peculiar UFO: Gunnhild Øyehaug’s acclaimed short stories balance between the sensuous, the surrealistic and the comic.