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Skomsvold johnsen dyrene sover 9788203365461

Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold

Bedtime for Bo (Dyrene sover)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Braz. Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Macedonian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, World English

Bedtime for Bo is a book about little Bo who doesn’t want to go to bed and his mother who tells stories about how the animals sleep to guide Bo from supper, to bathing, to brushing his teeth, to bed and to finally falling asleep. It is a charming and beautifully illustrated good night story, perfect for reading aloud for curios children.

Awarded New York Times/New Your Public Library: Best Illustrated Children’s Books Award 2022, The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf – Bologna Raggazzi Award 2022, “Best of Show 2022″ – The Year’s Most Beautiful Books (the Norwegian Designer’s Guild visual prize), “GOLD – Best Illustrations and Design Children’s Book 2022″ – The Year’s Most Beautiful Books (the Norwegian Designer’s Guild visual prize)
Nominated for the 2021 Brage Prize and the 2021 Ministry of Culture Picture Book Prize

Rørvik dybvig prikkesyken 9788202321970

Bjørn F. Rørvik

Fox and Piglet 1-14 (Reven og Grisungen, 1-14)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Books in the series are sold to: China, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Sweden

The Fox and Piglet series was published in 1996: The Radish Shark and Other Stories. Author Bjørn F. Rørvik and illustrator Per Dybvig have since excited readers of all ages through 13 more book in the series, which have sold in hundreds of thousands of copies in Norway alone. The books are full of crazy humour and original concoctions which makes them enjoyable for children and adults alike.

The series won the 2005 Ministry for Culture and Church Affairs’ Literary Award
Spottyitis (Prikkesyken) is nominated for the 2023 Deutscher Jugendbuchpreis

Akerlie lars er lol hd

Iben Akerlie

Lol Lars (Lars er Lol)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, Estonian, Georgian, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian Film rights: Nordisk Film Production A/S

Amanda is looking forward to starting school after summer. Mainly because of Adam, who she is madly in love with, but also because she is going to be school buddy to a cute little first grader. It all becomes a bit difficult when she is told to look after Lars, the new boy in class with Downs syndrome. Amanda feels pressured: Can she be close friend to Lars and still have a chance to be popular among the cool kids in class? And how can she get Adam’s attention?

Winner of the ARK Children’s Book Prize 2016

Sharif hør her'a! 9788202648121

Gulraiz Sharif

Listen up! (Hør her'a!)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Denmark, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovenia Film rights (Motlys AS - Norway)

It’s the summer holidays and 15-year-old Mahmoud pictures long days on the bench outside his block of flats. Norwegian Norwegians go off on their summer holidays, but what do penniless immigrants do? Listen up! is a firework of a novel. It renders a community of minorities in a truly original and distinctive voice.

Winner of the LUCHS of the Year 2022 (Germany), the Ministry of Culture’s First Book Prize 2021, and LO’s Literature Prize 2021. Nominated for the 2020 Brage Prize, the 2020 Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize, the 2021 Youth Prize and the 2021 Book Blogger Prize

Bok 510

Siri Pettersen

The Raven Rings 1-3 (Ravneringene 1-3)

Rights: Grand Agency | |
So far sold to: (Books in the series): Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, USA. Film rights: Maipo Film, Norway

An international award-winning, best-selling fantasy series from Norway, built on a norse foundation, with over a third of a million books sold worldwide. The trilogy consists of Odin’s Child, (Odinsbarn, 2013) The Rot (Råta, 2014) and The Might (Evna, 2015).

Winner and nominee of numerious awards in several countries, and the first fantasy ever to be nominated for the prestigious Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize:
Winner of the Fabel Award (Fabelprisen) 2014, ARK Bookseller’s Book of the Year Award 2015 and also on IBBY Norway’s Honour List 2016

Kaurin syden 9788203264016

Marianne Kaurin

Our Own Little Paradise (Syden)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Slovakian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, World English

Ina has no plans for the summer. Suddenly, she hears herself lie in front of the entire class telling them she is going to the Mediterranean for three weeks. She doesn’t know why she is lying, and the lie keeps growing. The only problem is that the new boy in class has moved to Ina’s neighbourhood and he will easily find out that she is not on holiday at all.

Winner of the Deutscher Jugenliteraturpreis 2021, Leipziger Lesekompass 2021, LUCHS of the Month, Book of the Month by Deutsche Akademie Für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur

Fiske hvordan lager man en baby 9788202616878

Anna Fiske

How do you make a baby? (Hvordan lager man en baby?)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Republic Of Korea, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

In this book, Anna Fiske deals with a question all children are curious about: How do you make a baby? Using playful, brightly coloured illustrations, she answers the question in the book’s title with perfect precision, providing parents and children with a brilliant starting-point for further discussion.

How do you make a baby? is informational, funny and warm, and is suitable for children aged 4 and up.

The book is the first in a series, followed by of the independent titles:
How to Start School? (2020), What’s It Like To Be A Grown-up? (2021), How to Talk About Death (2023)

Williamson håndbok for unge antirasister  9788202702076

Tinashe Williamson

Handbook for Young Antiracists (Håndbok for unge antirasister)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Denmark, Finland, Germany, USA

Handbook for Young Antiracists by Tinashe Willamson spotlights the important topic of racism. Racism is a complicated topic for grown-ups to navigate, and many find it hard to talk to their children about it. For what can you say? Where do you begin?
This engaging, including and thorough book is written in the form of a diary, with tasks and conversations that the children can easily bring up at home or with their friends or classmates. The goal is to pass on the knowledge to the generation that is growing up now, to give them the feeling that they have the power to change the world. Together we are stronger, and by just acknowledging the problem we can do something about it.
This is the perfect book on the topic for children 9 years and up, and it works just as well at home as in a teaching situation.

The book is illustrated by Thea Jacobsen.

Falch nordlys cover 1

Malin Falch

Northern Lights (Nordlys)

Rights: Egmont Kids Media Nordic AS | |
So far sold to: (Books in the series): Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Northern-Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, USA Film rights: Nordisk Film

The Northern Lights-series invites young readers to an epic adventure to a magical Norway: Travel on the northern lights and arrives in a version of Norway different from what you see every day. A place that lives in our imagination, a place of wonder and adventure.

Book 1: The journey to the valley of the Trolls | Book 2: The Vikings and the Oracle | Book 3: The crow sisters | Book 4: The troll kingdom | Book 5: The portal tree (part 1), Book 6: The portal tree (part 2)

Dåsnes ti kniver i hjertet omslag 2020 logo

Nora Dåsnes

Cross My Heart and Never Lie (Ti kniver i hjertet)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: American English, British English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Faroese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America and North America), Swedish, Ukrainian

Nothing is as before when Tuva and her friends start seventh grade. While one of them now has a boyfriend and another hates everything about falling in love and having boyfriends, Tuva finds it hard to choose sides. Besides, Tuva plans to fall in love herself. Then Miriam shows up. Can you fall in love with a girl and at the same time like the most popular boyband?

An award-winning graphic novel with LGBT topic for age 9 and up.

Dåsnes la skogen leve! 9788203394843

Nora Dåsnes

Save Our Forest! (La skogen leve!)

Rights: Oslo Literary Agency | |
So far sold to: American English, British English, Danish, French, German, Greece, Spanish, Swedish

Save Our Forest! is a stand-alone follow-up to the acclaimed and awarded Cross My Heart and Hope to Die.
When Bao finds out that the adults have decided to turn the forest close to the school into a parking lot, she realizes that she’s the one who must act!

A story about being big enough to be aware of how to act, but too young to be taken seriously.

Skaug okstad hvis jeg var statsminister 9788202732462

Trygve Skaug

If I Were Prime Minister (Hvis jeg var statsminister)

Rights: Cappelen Damm Agency | |
So far sold to: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Republic Of Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom

This is an uplifting, inspiring and socially critical book in which Trygve Skaug’s poetic voice evokes a child’s perspective on several things the grown-ups running the country could have done better.

Colourful illustrations by Ella K. Okstad.