Steffen Kverneland

A Voluntary Death

En frivillig død

Steffen Kverneland’s deeply personal graphic novel A Voluntary Death, contemplates his father and his father’s suicide, when Kverneland was eighteen, and how this affected his life. In addition to Kverneland’s outstanding art, the book uses family photographs in a dynamic way. The storytelling is immediate and powerful, at times with a liberating humor.
Winner of the 2018 Ministry of Culture’s Prize for best cartoon
Winner of the 2018 Book Blogger’s Prize for best non-fiction

Kverneland en frivillig død hd

“masterpiece … a significant triumph”


“It’s so wise, so masterfully done … a deeply shattering work.”

Dagbladet, 6 out of 6 stars
“A beautiful, insightful comic book that you should read and use for all it’s worth.” Dagsavisen

“strong … A shocking – but also warm – biography.”

Kverneland, steffen photo hans erik lindbom
Photo: Hans Erik Lindbom

Steffen Kverneland (b. 1963) is one of the leading comic book artists in Norway. His works include multiple award-winning Munch, Olaf G. and the series Kanon in collaboration with Lars Fiske.