Lars Mæhle
Odd Henning Skyllingstad

Who stole the glasses

Hvem har tatt brillene?

Everyone in the kindergarten is helping make vegetable soup. But amidst the commotion in the kitchen, someone needs a plaster. Suddenly Leon and Livia have a new case! Where are Elin’s glasses? They were here a second ago … Through solid detective work, the kindergarten’s very own investigators set forth to crack the case!

Crow’s Nest Kindergarten Mysteries is a playful new series of books written by Lars Mæhle, illustrated by Odd Henning Skyllingstad.
Leon and Livia, Crow’s Nest Kindergarten’s very own detectives, solve mysteries relatable to all children: Why are there muddy footsteps on the floor? Where are Elin’s glasses? This is charming miniature crime fiction for children aged 3-6 years.
Mæhle and Skyllingstad have created a recognizable, urban, and multicultural universe in which these stories unfold. Exploring through the eyes of Leon and Livia, the curious child is encouraged to really pay close attention. Written with a comforting warmth, adults will enjoy reading these stories aloud. Welcome to Crow’s Nest Kindergarten, a place full of everyday mysteries, juice and buns!

Mæhle hvem har tatt brillene web

Lars Mæhle (b. 1971) has written several books for children and teenagers. His big breakthrough came in 2009 with the multi-award-winning fantasy novel The Land Beneath the Ice. The second book in the series was published in 2014, to further acclaim and awards. He published his first book on Ena in 2016, The Counting Troll Counts to Ten (Telle-trollet teller til ti).

Odd Henning Skyllingstad (b. 1978) is an experienced cartoonist and illustrator. Skyllingstad has a degree in Animation from Volda University College. He is known for his series on the frog Kolbein. Skyllingstad also works as a librarian at Serieteket, Deichman library’s Cartoon branch, plays the guitar and is a tea-connoisseur!