Ørjan N. Karlsson

Ylva and the Teeming Darkness

Ylva og Myldermørket

Two red-haired girls disappeared from the fjord village, Saltstraumen, 33 years apart. Now, it’s been 33 years since the last one, and a ghost with flashing green eyes tries to drag Ylva into the fjord. She escapes, but the next day another red-haired girl from Ylva’s class, Beate, disappears. The whole village searches for Beate, but Ylva knows they won’t find her there. For she is no longer on Earth, but in Bifrost, kidnapped by the wizard Tha-Natos. Only Ylva can save her, but what if it’s already too late?
Soon, the Teeming Darkness will fall over Bifrost and the gates of evil will be opened. A beautiful, strange world is threatened by a deadly darkness. This book continues the series that began with The Night Mirror. The back of the book contains the beginning of a game, “The Secret of the Desert Riverbed”, an exciting story in which the reader is the hero. The instructions for the game can be downloaded at www.bifrost.land.
Read the book — play the game!

Karlsson ylva og myldermørket
Karlsson, ørjan n. photo julie pike
Photo: Julie Pike

Ørjan N. Karlsson (b. 1970) grew up in Bodø. A sociologist by trade, he received officer training in the army and has taken part in overseas missions. He has worked in the Defence Ministry and is now a departmental manager in the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection. Karlsson has written a large number of thrillers, sci-fi novels and crime novels for adults.
Visit the author’s homepage at www.orjankarlsson.com.