Isabelle Ringnes and Marie Louise Sunde

She’s Got This

Hvem spanderer?

The Prejudices You Didn’t Know You Had

The Scandinavian countries are presumably among the most advanced in gender equality. But there’s a big difference between formal and real equality.

What’s really happening in terms of equality in Norway? What forms of unconscious discrimination still occur? These are this book’s main questions. In the book the authors share their own experiences and interview well-known male and female executives. Sunde and Ringnes want to take a fact-based, constructive and not least humorous approach to equality. The objective is to create greater awareness on the strange things we do, say and think, both in our private lives and at the workplace.

This book is about the prejudices you didn’t know you had – the subtle cultural discrimination that is so integrated in society that you don’t even notice it.

Ringnes sunde hvem spanderer

Isabelle Ringnes is the co-founder of the Technology Network for Women, co-founder of the organisation #ShesGotThis focused on gender equality, host of the podcast 20–30, faculty member at Singularity University Nordic.

Marie Louise Sunde works as a surgeon and has a PhD in surgery. Together with Isabelle Ringnes she started #Shes GotThis in 2015, after hearing Emma Watson’s iconic speech at the UN, which concluded with, ’If not now – when? If not me – then who?’