Roy Jacobsen and Anneliese Pitz

The Man Who Loved Siberia. A butterfly collector's memories of East Siberia

Mannen som elsket Sibir. En sommerfuglsamlers erindringer fra Øst-Sibir

Fritz Dörries (1852-1953) lived a life that few of us can grasp today. During his 22 years of adventurous travelling in Siberia, he collected tigers, deer, eagles, plants, and butterflies. He was a mixture of Ed Stafford and Carl von Linnaeus travelling alone in a sledge across Siberia. Cold, beauty, and suffering. The novel is based on his memoirs – an incredible story about nature, travel, and discovery.

Jacobsen og pitz mannen som elsket sibir 9788202638375
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Photo: Hans Petter Sørensen

Roy Jacobsen (b. 1954) has, since his literary debut in 1982 with the short story collection Prison Life, evolved into an original, strong and analytical writer with a special interest in the underlying psychology at play in human relationships and actions.
He is a wonderful storyteller with obvious political engagement. His books have been published in 36 territories. Other important novels are The Unseen, Borders and Child Wonder.

Born and raised in Belgium, tri-lingual, as well as studying Latin and Greek at school, Anneliese Pitz came to Norway in 1974. She has a PhD in linguistics from Trondheim, has been teaching for 24 years at Oslo University, researches grammar, and also speaks Russian. She has been married to Roy Jacobsen since 1978.