Nina Lykke

Natural Causes
Full spredning - En legeroman

Elin has moved into her doctor’s office, where her patients march in, all day long, with all their little infirmities and ailments. For two decades, Elin has been a regular general practitioner. For at least as long, she has been married to Aksel. But before Aksel there was Bjørn, who suddenly showed up on Facebook, and who has turned everything upside down. Elin likes being in her office, even though she has to hide from the security guard when he walks his rounds at night. And at home in her terrace house, Aksel sits seething – unless he has gone to bed with their divorced neighbour/friend Gro.

Natural Causes is a novel about the curse of self-knowledge and the blessings of denial. It is a medical romance unlike any other.

Winner of the 2019 Brage Prize
Nominated for the 2019 Booksellers’ Prize

Lykke full spredning

‘Nina Lykke’s novel of infidelity should be prescribed by doctors. A razor-sharp, entertaining book about the forbidden (…) one of our sharpest observers of marriage and relationships (…) This year’s book goes straight to the core, and it’s her best so far’.

Dagens Næringsliv

‘A sharp, perceptive and very entertaining novel (…) incredibly funny (…) It’s a wonderful read, but is there nothing to complain about? Yes, that the novel could have been longer than its 288 pages!’

Adresseavisen - 6/6 stars

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