Children and Young Adults

Bjørn Ingvaldsen

The Nudists

If you are new in class, you’ll be shy for at least a week. Everyone knows that – except Tjodleik.

Tjodleik thinks he can be friends with everyone, not least Rose and Sina, who are Team Rosin, the school’s very own dream team. When all the mobile phones in the school are stolen during a fire drill, Tjodleik wants to bring in the two girls to solve the theft. But guys like Tjodleik, who lives in a greenhouse and thinks it’s perfectly alright for people to walk around without any clothes on, don’t have much of a clue about anything, even though some of his hobbies turn out to be useful.

  • The Nudists is a fun crime light novel for avid young readers.
  • A new book by Bjørn Ingvaldsen that spices things up with its distinctively humorous style, and assembles an apparent chaos with warmth and a sting in its tail.
  • With 50 books published, this is an author who has proven that he has mastered the great breadth of children’s literature – everything from dark and disturbing tales to genuinely funny and humorous stories.
Ingvaldsen nudistene

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