Merethe Lindstrøm

The Anatomy of Birds
Fuglenes anatomi

A writer has withdrawn to her study at Yew Tree Cottage, in a tiny English village. A young boy comes to build an aviary – a large outdoor birdcage. In the evening she drives him to a field where he claims to live, although there is no house there. While the boy is putting up the aviary, she creates a connection through the text she is writing, drawing a line that resembles the roads through the English landscape, creating a junction between the past and the present. When she looks in the mirror, she often sees her mother, and sometimes her daughters. An incident in her own childhood in Norway in the 1960s becomes a point of departure for understanding.

The Anatomy of Birds is written in lucid, vibrant prose, which hovers above a dark green landscape.

Nominated for the 2019 P2 Listeners’ Novel Prize

Lindstrøm fuglenes anatomi

‘Merethe Lindstrøm is a first-rate writer. You’ll hardly find a single sentence that hasn’t been finely crafted in her new novel (…) a rich novel completely without dull points’


‘In The Anatomy of Birds, Merethe Lindstrøm is more seductive than ever (…) Merethe Lindstrøm has given us another great read.’


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