Children and Young Adults
Graphic novel - Vol. I in a series

Malin Falch

Northern Lights

Book 1: The journey to the valley of the Trolls
Sonja is visited one night by a boy, almost like her, but not quite. He is from another dimension, and he brings her with him to his world through a portal. They travel on the northern lights and arrives to a version of Norway different from what you see every day. A place that lives in our imagination, a place of wonder and adventure.

Book 2: The Vikings and the Oracle
14-year-old Sonja has traveled with the troll boy Espen to a magical place called Jotundale. A beautiful valley brought straight from the adventures of trolls and talking animals. But there are also Vikings living there who ally with people who can use magic to put an end to Espen. Therefore, Sonja’s adventure is not quite as she had expected since she is trapped in a deadly conflict between Trolls, Vikings and the magical mountain people.

Book 3: The crow sisters
Sonja, Bjørnar and Lotta escape from Trym and the Vikings, and are welcomed by the mysterious mountain people. Their village is full of practical magic and friendly people. Still, Sonja gets the feeling that their leader, Randa, is concealing a very dark secret. In the third book of the Northern Lights, it becomes clearer to Sonja who are enemies and who are friends.

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