Linn Skåber
Lisa Aisato

Being Grown-up

Til de voksne

Being grown-up is to let go of the chaos of adolescence, to stand steadily on your own two feet, to have financial security and control over your own life. It is also responsibility, logistics and freedom. Do we manage to hold on to who we are and still enjoy the fun and curiosity we had earlier in life?

Linn Skåber’s first book Being Young was the best selling YA-book in Norway in 2018. It received fantastic reviews, several awards, and is sold to six countries so far. Being Grown-up was launched in Norway in August, and has already sold 10 000 copies.
The author uses her own and others’ experiences and stories to create fictional stories. She writes about desire and beginnings, about loneliness, wrinkles, exercise hysteria, worries for your children, breakups, thoughts about getting older – and smells we never forget.
As in her first book, she is describing different aspects and feelings that can occur in life. The hallmark of these stories is that they are recognizable. They are written with a light, humorous touch, but always with an underlying sincerity shining through.
Being Grown-up is beautifully illustrated by Lisa Aisato, one of Norway’s most celebrated illustrators with numerous bestsellers and awards.

Skåber til de voksne

‘What a lovely book! It gives us a valuable reminder both of what life was, and what life will be again…. It is warm and beautiful, vulnerable and sad, but also very funny. Linn Skåber writes with a light touch – and Lisa Aisato’s illustrations are examples of great storytelling.’


‘(…) with their wryly humorous, moving and sweet take on life, the two make an excellent pair.’

Skåber, linn

Linn Skåber is an actor, comedian and writer, and has participated in a number of revues, theatre productions and films. She has written for both theatre and TV, and edited an anthology of erotic poetry. Her first book Being Young is so far sold to six countries.