Children and Young Adults
Illustrated non-fiction

Katharina Vestre and Linnea Vestre

The Animal Book of Records
Dyrenes rekordbok

Did you know that a slimy, brown worm can grow longer than a blue whale? Or that some fish communicate with farts? In The Animal Book of Records you will meet world champions in all kinds of categories, such as jumping, sleeping, farting and many, many fun facts.
Nature is full of fascinating animals who are experts in the strangest things. How high is it possible to jump? Which animal sweats the most, and who are the best to see in the dark? And did you know that there is a fish that can predict the weather? The Animal Book of Records is the book for all who wants to learn about the most incredible animals on earth.
Ever since the Vestre sisters, Katharina and Linnea, were kids they have loved to learn about animals – not only elephants and monkeys, but also the tiny insects in the garden. Their fascination for animals has resulted in this exciting, funny and beautifully illustrated book for young readers and their families.

For 5 years old and up
Illustrated by Linnea Vestre.

Vestre dyrenes rekordbok 9788203265464

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