Children and Young Adults
Graphic novel

Jenny Jordahl

What Happened to You?
Hva skjedde egentlig med deg?

Janne isn’t like the rest of her family. That’s what Grandma says. The others are slim, while Janne is big. What happened to her?
Grandma isn’t the only one who comments on Janne’s appearance. People at school do, too. Janne is comfort eating and cutting herself off from others, but suddenly her parents suggest a solution to the problem: For every kilo she looses, she’ll get 100 kroner. Janne goes along with the agreement and slowly but surely, she gets smaller. But does she get any happier? And does it solve her real problems?

What Happened to You? is a powerful, brave and thought-provoking graphic novel about friendship, being an outsider and living with eating disorders. Jenny Jordahl delivers an important and absorbing story for children and young people aged 9 and older.

Winner of the 2020 Brage Prize
Nominated for the 2020 Ministry of Culture’s Prize for best children’s graphic novel and for the 2021/2022 Avid Reader Award “Bokslukerprisen”

Jordahl hva skjedde egentlig med deg 9788202615901

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