Sissel Gran

Desire – Carnal Lust in Life and Literature

Men størst av alt er begjæret. Kjøttets higen i liv og litteratur

Desire has always been a powerful force. It fills us with lust and courage to win, explore, conquer and love. But desire also has a dark and powerful side. It might be hard to see how this darkness may lead us astray. The will to do good is ingrained in us, we want safety and are compassionate, but we also hold the cause for transgression, savagery and ruthlessness. It frightens us, as if desire is in the flesh. A stranger among us.

Could acknowledging this dark force make us better equipped to handle the stranger among us? Is it possible to own your desire? To explore these and other questions Sissel Gran takes the reader on a journey through life and literature, in light and darkness.

Gran men størst av alt er begjæret 9788203297328
Gran, sissel 4 photo astrid waller
Photo: Astrid Waller

Sissel Gran (b. 1951) is a psychologist, columnist and author, and one of Norway’s leading voices on love, emotions and relationships. Her previous books are: Love in the Time of Speed (2005), The Three Gates of Love (2007), Hooked (2010), It’s Over (2016) and Inside We Are Forever Young (2019).