Linde Hagerup
Jens A. Larsen Aas

One Friend Too Few

En venn for lite

Sara and Helene are best friends. Forever. But after the summer holidays, everything is suddenly different. Helene has been to the US and Disneyland, while Sara has spent her summer fishing and playing cards at the family cabin. They are miles apart even though they live next door to each other.

When Sara’s parents also reveal that they have a secret and that the family will be moving house, Sara realises she’s in the process of losing absolutely everything that is good. Sara needs to make a plan to get her life back. But is her plan cunning enough to turn the situation around?

Linde Hagerup is back with a stand-alone follow-up to One Brother Too Many. This is also a children’s novel that is easy to read and enjoy.

Nominated for the 2021 Literary Critics’ Prize

Hagerup en venn for lite 9788202596798

One Friend too Few is a beautiful book in which Linde Hagerup conveys and portrays friendship in such a lovely, and not least, credible way.’

Fredrikstad Blad

‘(…) exquisite linguistic precision and sensitive presence. (…) the text is easily engaging. (…) Fierce quarrels appear to be Hagerup’s specialty. (…) the attempts at conflict management are highly creative.’

Hagerup, linde photo widar ludvigsen
Photo: Widar Ludvigsen

Linde Hagerup (b. 1968) made her children’s author debut in 2008. A Brother Too Many was shortlisted for the prestigious Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2020.

Jens A. Larsen Aas (b. 1993) is from Malvik, just outside Trondheim. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and now works as a freelance illustrator.