Ole Kristian Løyning
Ronny Haugeland

My Friend, the Pirate

Min venn, Piraten

A story about pirates with an underlying serious tone

When André loses both parents in a car accident, he is sent to live with his father’s uncle. With an eye patch and an extremely large consumption of rum, his uncle fits his nickname, The Pirate. Who is really the most responsible one of the two is a bit unclear. After the first parent-teacher meeting, (PTA) The Pirate is no longer welcome at school events.

One day The Pirate becomes very sick and everything looks rather grim. The Pirate’s best friend, The Boatman lives on Trinidad, and is said to have healing abilities. The Pirate and André embark upon their life’s voyage where both gigantic waves and whirlpools must be surmounted in order to achieve their goal: to make The Pirate well again.

My Friend, The Pirate is a burlesque pirate tale with wonderful characters and humour, from a very distinctive new author.

The book is illustrated by Ronny Haugeland.

Winner of the 2020 Critic’s Prize for C&YA Literature
Nominated for the 2021 Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize

Løyning haugeland min venn piraten 9788241919923

My Friend, the Pirate is a novel about a young boy’s coming of age offering insights for readers in all age groups.’

From the jury statement, Kritikerprisen 2020

‘(…) a gem which deserves many readers! The unfortunate life situation and dark humour of the main character bring to mind the children’s book classic Rubber Tarzan. And don’t be fooled. The friend is a real pirate and you will truly come to adore him.’

VG, 6 out of 6 stars
Løyning haugeland kollasj
Photo: From the left: Ole Kristian Løyning (photo Frode Verpe) and Ronny Haugeland

Ole Kristian Løyning (b.1982) is educated as a teacher and works at Vennesla School. He has grown up with Ole Lund Kirkegaard and Roald Dahl on his bookshelf, and says that he enjoys mowing the lawn, fishing and swimming in ice cold water.

Ronny Haugeland (b. 1976) is a Norwegian illustrator of books and creates cartoons. In 2002 he was awarded the Sproing Prize for best cartoon of the year.