Lene Ask

Abide with me

O bli hos meg

Norway was one of the nations with the most Christian missionaries compared to the population and several thousand Norwegian children have lived separately from their family due to their parents’ mission calling.
The comic book documentary Abide with me is based on interviews with people who have grown up in the Christian mission’s custody. The missionary children’s story has not always been in line with the Christian mission’s sunshine story and many have experienced that telling about their experiences can be perceived as disloyalty to the Christian mission, parents or God.

Graphic novel of the year 2022, awarded by Oslo Comics Expo

Ask o bli hos meg

’Looks innocent, but is very powerful (…) The form is reminiscent of the documentary genre for which Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Aleksejivitsj has become a representative. (…) You must have a heart of stone, to remain untouched by this book »


‘Her line has seldom been more expressive and never more vivid’

Ask, lene photo bjarte bjørkum
Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum

Lene Ask has published several critically acclaimed graphic novels as well as children’s books and books for young adults at Gyldendal Norsk Forlag. Her graphic novel Dear Rikard (NCP) has been published in English translation and her children’s book Into the woods (NCP) with Bjørn Arild Ersland is published in Spanish translation.