Nature and popular science

Pia Ve Dahlen
Gunvor Rasmussen

Underwater Wonderland: A voyage of discovery through the sea
Verden under vann. En oppdagelsesreise i havet

As a child, Pia Ve Dahlen spent hours lying on the jetty marvelling at the life in the sea beneath her. With the aid of her grandfather’s field microscope and nature guide, she explored nature above and beneath the waves. And every new thing she learned prompted new questions.

Her curiosity grew into a passion to understand how life developed in the vast oceans that provide 99 per cent of the area in which animal life can live on our planet. The sea is where life began, and the species there have evolved under totally different conditions to land-based animals.

In Underwater Wonderland: A voyage of discovery through the sea, you’ll read about the beautiful, intelligent and awe-inspiring marine animals that have resulted from the experiments of evolution.

From the book:
From the teeming life in the nutrient-rich seaweed belt all the way down to the abyssal plain where a handful of species have specialised in order to survive – in the pitch darkness and under enormous pressure – this book will take you on a voyage down into my world. Down into the kelp forests, to the sheer sides of underwater volcanoes, down into the crushing, pitch-black depths and into the beating heart of Planet Earth.”

Dahlen verden under vann 9788241951381

‘(…) shows us the remarkable diversity of the ocean (…) the tone is light and cheerful, and it is sheer fun to read Pia Ve Dahlen’s unique blend of detailed expert knowledge, meme- and popular culture-based humour, and bubbling enthusiasm.’

‘A lively and extremely cool slice of popular science capable of making even the most confirmed couch potato see nature with new eyes. A necessary book.’

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