Heidi Furre

The Power

I can often see it in others. I don’t exactly know how I can see it, because it’s fleeting. It inhabits their face. It’s in their skin, around their mouth, in their eyes. Some women carry the pain in their face. Men too. It’s difficult to pin down, it easily slips away. It defies youth, it defies beauty. I’ve seen it in others since I was a child, before I knew what it was. I’ve seen it in children. I’ve seen it in elderly women. Some days I’ve seen it in myself. In my pores, in my skin tone, in the lines on my face. If I don’t watch out, it seeps through.

Liv is a nurse. She takes good care of herself and others. She is a normal person hiding a normal secret. One night, many years ago, she was raped. By a man she willingly followed home. The Power is a novel about power, but also a book about having the power. The power to move on.

Furre makta 9788282883955

‘One of this fall’s most important books’.

‘(…) a concrete tale of the experiences of Liv, a story many women can relate to as we step of the bus late at night and must walk the last stretch home on a dimly lit road.’


‘One out of ten women become victims of rape. (…) Furre shows what those statistics mean. The topic is harsh and painful, but The Power is also good literature.’


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