Marianne Marthinsen

Significant Man Syndrome


Tonje is brilliantly intelligent. Raised by an inattentive single mother, she is only seen and recognized outside the four walls of her home.

When she starts university, she is seen – in more ways than one – by a married professor, which leads to both an academic and a sexual affair. But when that relationship breaks down, she is caught, or lets herself be caught, by another man: successful lawyer and recently divorced father, Jørgen. Suddenly, Tonje finds herself in a world inhabited by highly educated, perfect family members. She should feel happy, but something is gnawing away beneath the surface.

Significant Man Syndrome is a novel about social disobedience and strong unrest.

Marthinsen selveiersanger 9788203369346
Marthinsen, marianne photo tine poppe
Photo: Tine Poppe

Marianne Marthinsen (b. 1980) is a social economist, and has been a member of the Norwegian Parliament for the Labor Party since 2005, but did not go for re-election in 2021. Significant Man Syndrome is her first novel.