Crime fiction

Johan Høst

The Nation’s Gambit
En nasjon i sjakk

The prime minister is kidnapped and the terrorist behind the attack has one demand: That the politicians play a chess game where the prime minister’s life is on the line. Each piece on the chess board represents politicians, media personalities, business leaders and other influential public figures. Every time the terrorist wins a piece, a person must pay with their life.

Before the first move is made a semi-trailer pulls up outside the parliament building. The sides of the trailer are blown off and sitting on the loading platform is the Prime Minister in a glass cage. The game is on and the game clock is ticking. So does the clock on the bomb display attached around the prime ministers neck.

The parliamentarians are faced with an impossible dilemma. Should they sacrifice the prime minister to save lives? The emergency squad’s officer Anton Block is fighting an almost impossible battle against the clock to find the terrorist, stop the killings and save democracy, all while the world is watching every move.

Nominated for the 2022 Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize

Høst en nasjon i sjakk 9788241955242

‘The use of chess in this novel is made with a level of ambition I have never before seen in literature.’

Atle Grønn, International Grandmaster

‘A rambunctious successful crime where all the pieces on the board are moved masterly.’

VG - 6 out of 6 stars

‘Exquisite, well-stored quality craziness of the noblest brand from debutant Johan Høst.’

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