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Ellen Støkken Dahl

Sleeping With the Enemy – Terrifying Tales About Sexually Transmitted Infections
I seng med fienden. Eller Venus' forbannelser, skrekkelige fortellinger om kjønnssykdommer

Dripping, burning, and itchy stories about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from one of the authors of the international bestseller The Wonder Down Under.

“Delving into the facts and history of STIs gives me this delicious and chill-inducing feeling of joy mixed with horror, much like the one I get when I read a true crime story or watch a good horror movie. Part of me wants to look away, close my eyes, but at the same time, I can’t get enough. I have to look, and I have to read more. It has become an obsession,” writes doctor and author Ellen Støkken Dahl.

Sleeping with the Enemy is an original and intriguing narrative non-fiction book that guides you through a visit to the doctor’s office as the doctor interacts with, diagnoses, and treats patients with some of our times’ most common and feared STIs. With both curiosity and a wealth of knowledge, Støkken Dahl goes into the physical, psychological, and historical facts of these infections ranging from herpes to syphilis.

No gory details are spared in this shameless, entertaining, educational — and occasionally shocking — exploration of sexually transmitted infections.

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