Brynjulf Jung Tjønn

Tomorrow We Will Sit In The Sun

I morgen skal vi sitte i solen

For ages 11–16 years.

This short story is about 11 year-old Oscar and his family – about his relationships with his father and grandfather – but first and foremost Oscar’s relationship with his mother. A mother who can’t be like normal mothers. A mother who can’t really deal with her son, a mother who struggles, a mother who hits. A mother who fills her son with fear, with shame and with sadness.

A poetic, powerful and different kind of children’s book.

Cappelen Damm 2009

Forfatter 167
Photo: Thomas Brun

Brynjulf Jung Tjønn debuted with his novel Eg kom for å elske (I Came to Love) in 2002. Jung Tjønn is a journalist with NRK. In 2001 he started the electronic press Jung Forlag, through which he operates the literary portal, as well as the journal Nordahl & eftf. This is his debut as a children’s author.


Lyden av noen som dør, 2008.
Eg kom for å elske, 2002.