Young Adult Novel

Elin Hansson

Fiddle Fever

Torleif plays the harding fiddle, and is a high school student at a boarding school in the city. He’s not been to his home village since his mother died two years ago. He’s found new friends at school and made his own family. Then his grandfather suffers a stroke, and Torleif has to go home for autumn break to help him.
His father and brother are quiet men who are mainly interested in hunting. Torleif has never told them that he is gay. He’s not told anyone else in the village either, and he particularly doesn’t want the old gang of friends, led by Stig-Rune, to know. But then Torleif meets fellow harding fiddle player Horimyo, and all the unsaid things begin to bubble up to the surface.

Fiddle Fever is a story of music and love. About family, and daring to be oneself.


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