Jonny Halberg

Revelation to John

Johannes' åpenbaring

Former stand-up comedian John Kaupang travels back to the island of Skatøy to bury his father. His father, a beloved doctor, hanged himself at his office. There were many years of hostility between John and his father, and letters appear during the preparations for the funeral that his father wrote about his life on Skatøy. John begins to investigate what his father really got up to and who he was behind his irreproachable humanitarian façade. His son eventually sets his sights on a man he doesn’t know who is ruled by forces he refuses to divulge. Meanwhile, the funeral is approaching. John has a strained relationship with his family and other islanders – relationships that only become more difficult following his father’s death.

Revelation to John is a novel about people who switch between rejecting and clinging on to one another, and about what you should have known – and may never know – about those closest to you.

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‘It’s a pleasure to note that Jonny Halberg is back. We have to hope that there’s more in the works.’

Leif Ekle, NRK

‘The plot, the conflicts, the expressed confrontations and the unspoken tensions between the characters are told in such a way that all you can do is turn the next page.’

Inger Bentzrud, Dagbladet
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Photo: Ann Kristin Aas

Jonny Halberg (b. 1962) made his debut with the short story collection Transition to Tertiary in 1989. Halberg had his breakthrough with the novel The Deluge (2000), for which he received a number of awards.

Together with Pål Sletaune he has written the scripts for the feature films Junk Mail and You Really Got Me. In 1998, he was co-editor of the journal Vagant.

Halberg is a critic for the newspaper Morgenbladet. He is also one of the initiators and organizers behind the Møllebyen Literature Festival in Moss, which features international guests