Øystein Morten

Eirik the Red. The Man Who Discovered America
Eirik Raude

The saga of Erik the Red is a short one. It tells the story of how he flees from Norway to Iceland after committing a murder, marries into a chieftain’s family, starts a small war, explores a vast land to the west, and names it Greenland. He founds a settler community there before the country is Christianized against his will and his sons explore America. In just fifteen minutes, you’ll have an overview of everything there is to know about Erik the Red. Or maybe not – because hidden beneath condensed recounts of the sagas is a sea of events and connections that have not yet been discovered.

In this book, Øystein Morten examines what Erik the Red was really looking for in Greenland, as well as the background for his voyages further west to Vinland. Embark on a voyage of discovery in the northernmost Norse settlements!

Morten øystein eirikraude vigmostadbjorke

‘Sensational … one can easily imagine how Greenland made an impression on Erik the Red in the 980s — enlightening and entertaining.’

- Dagbladet

’ … the brilliant non-fiction book Erik the Red … traces the saga stories of him and his son in a innovative and enlightening way’

- Vårt Land

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