Memoir/Political Essay

Yohan Shanmugaratnam

We still breathe
Vi puster fortsatt

This book is a time capsule. About racism and roots and the transformation both me and Norway have gone through over the last decades. From 9/11 to the right-wing terrorism of Anders Breivik at Utøya in 2011, to the killing of George Floyd. It’s also a story about forbidden love, friendship and hope. Do whatever you want with it. The rest is up to you.

Shanmugaratnam yohan manifest

‘In a genuine, funny and thought-provoking story about his family’s life, Yohan Shanmugaratnam connects his own multicultural experiences in Sri Lanka, Japan and Norway to overreaching world events. Through exploring the complexity in a multicultural upbringing, Shanmugaratnam reveals that being “the other” is always a product of the broader surroundings.’

- Zeshan Shakar, writer

‘A short masterpiece on racism.’

- Hilde Østby, writer

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