Håkon Marcus



Hiderunners are wild animals that can take human form. They live among us in secrecy, while they fight for territories, power, and wilding – the ancient power that compels nature to obey them. Embla knows nothing of this. She has enough to deal with: a new school, an insufferable older sister, and parents who always interfere. When mysterious things start to happen around her, Embla discovers that she has a crucial role to play in the dangerous power struggle between the animal clans. Together with her new hiderunner friends, Embla soon finds herself braving a magical wilderness fraught with danger. She must uncover her true identity, before a dark order of owl witches can catch her in their razor-sharp talons.

Feral went straight in on the bestsellerlist!

First volume in a new fantasy 4-book series for middle grade readers.

Nominated for the 2024/2025 Avid Reader Award (Bokslukerprisen)


“It’s a dash of “Nevermoor”, a touch of “Hunger Games”, but ultimately, it’s pure “Feral”.”

- Christine Lyngdal, former bookseller in charge of children's book, Barnebokbloggen.no
Håkon marcus
Photo: Agnete Brun

Håkon Marcus (b. 1989) has a master’s degree in creative writing and literature from the Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books and a bachelor in Art Direction. Feral is his debut. Marcus lives in Oslo, Norway.