Ingunn Thon

Perfectly Imperfect

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Orion Sigerstad is perfect. He is so perfect that he has never used a rubber in his entire life because he never misspells. He doesn’t even know where the principal’s office is because he has never misbehaved. And he plays the flute so perfectly that he will be the youngest student ever at the Exceptional Music Conservatory. All he needs to do is to prove it at the concert! But on the day of the concert, Orion wakes up and has become a complete buffoon. Instead of saying good morning nicely to his parents, he yells at them. He writes “PEE” as the answer to a math task and he throws a ball at the gym teacher. Maybe the worst part is that he doesn’t play a single correct note on the flute. Orion doesn’t understand what is happening to him. Can he fix it in time for the important concert?

This is a story about how to be perfectly imperfect. The book is illustrated in b/w by Maja Kjellstad Aanonsen.

Nominated for the 2024/2025 Avid Reader Award (Bokslukerprisen)

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Photo: Pernille Walvik

Ingunn Thon (b. 1986) is an author of children’s books. Her debut, Ollis, was shortlisted for the prestigious 2021 CILIP Carnegie Medal (UK) and for the 2018 Premio Strega (Italy) and published in 11 territories. Thon works as a script writer and puppeteer in The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. She has also worked as a children’s tv-host and a radio reporter. She has a degree in creative writing and journalism, and studies at Screenwriting School at New York Film Academy. Thon lives in Oslo, Norway.

Maja Kjellstad Aanonsen (b. 2000) is an illustrator with a bachelor’s degree in animation. She lives in Oslo, Norway.