Lise Forfang Grimnes and Andreas Haga
Thomas Madsen

Best Friend or Bacon?

Bacon eller bestevenn?

DO YOU LOVE ANIMALS? Do you think the soft stomach of a dog, a horse’s warm mule and the pig’s funny snout are the best things ever? Have you ever thought about the fact that humans are also animals? We have lots in common with other mammals, yet despite this fact we have ended up in totally different places. Why do you consider the dog your best friend and dress it up if it’s cold outside. And afterwards you eat the pig straight from the packet of ham? And why do you carefully groom your horse, but scream at the sight of a rat in the stables?

BEST FRIEND OR BACON? is packed full of huge questions, fascinating facts, and exhilarating research. The writer Lise and veterinarian Andreas are a married couple who are trying to figure out how we can understand other species than ourselves, and they deliberate how the relation between animals and humans really is. Is it actually the case that humans are the BOSS OF EVERY LIVING THING ON PLANET EARTH?

Illustrated by Thomas Madsen.

‘… combines popular science and philosophical thinking…’
Grimnes forfang foto halvard haga
Photo: Halvard Haga

Lise Forfang Grimnes (b. 1970) is a writer and professional storyteller, having worked for several years as a cultural mediator for children in schools and libraries. She is the author of two award-winning novels for young adults.

Andreas Haga (b. 1967) is a professor of veterinary medicine at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in Ås.

Thomas Madsen is an experienced Norwegian artist and illustrator working within a wide range of artistic techniques.