Tina Åmodt

The Other Mother

Den andre moren

Silje Marie is married to Helene. Together, they have two sons named Olav and Henry. When Helene and the children go on vacation, Silje Marie remains in the family’s house, a home that is temporarily being packed up and prepared for renovation. Here, it’s as if she is not only left alone with the responsibility for the house and the belongings but also with the uncertainty about the choices she and Helene have made and the direction their lives will take. She is burdened by the forbidden thought that she feels a different attachment to her two children, having given birth to one but not the other. Most of all, she grapples with the feeling that she is living a double life, something she has lied about and kept hidden from Helene: the existence of another mother, with whom she interacts, and a son who resembles Henry.
The Other Mother is an acute and courageous account of a mother’s crisis, a novel that intelligently and provocatively delves into societal questions concerning parenthood, biology, and queer lives.

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The Other Mother is an exceptionally powerful novel about the gap between what we think and what we feel, how we wish the world to be and how we experience it. … It’s a fantastic portrayal of a woman and a compelling relationship novel that fearlessly discusses the consequences of developments in biotechnology.’

Vårt Land

‘With an exceptionally good novel, Tina Åmodt keeps us in suspense between self-fulfilling prophecies and the possibility of shaping reality… It’s been a while since I encountered such an interesting, human, complex narrator as the main character in Tina Åmodt’s novel The Other Mother… a curious and honest exploration of historically quite new experiences associated with specifically queer lives, while also being deeply universal’

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Photo: Fartein Rudjord

Tina Åmodt was born in 1985 on the West Norwegian island of Askøy. In 2010 she made her debut with Builders’ Prose, which was received with great acclaim. In 2014 she published her first novel, It Never Gets Light Here. In 2015 she received the Stig Sæterbakken Memorial Prize.