Alf R. Jacobsen

Cruiser blücher - 9th april 1940

Krysseren blücher. 9. April 1940

At daybreak 9th April 1940 the German Battle group 5 sailed inward the Oslo fjord with the brand new cruiser Blücher in the lead. The goal was to take immediate control over the capital, King and Government. Hitler was gambling. The occupation of Norway was supposed to ensure ice-free harbours for transport of Swedish iron ore from Narvik, and submarine and air bases for the battle of the Atlantic.
Everything seemed to go according to plan. The defences of the outer Oslo fjord were passed without any loss. The last obstacle was the decommissioned Norwegian coastal fortress of Oscarsborg, with its old cannons, and a resolute Colonel Birger Eriksen. The admiral staff kept silent, no superiors gave any guidelines or orders. Everything depended upon Birger Eriksen when the stunning silhouette of the German ships was seen in the misty sea.
This is the story of one man’s determination and courage, and about the drama that cost hundreds of German lives when the cruiser Blücher sank in the Drøbak Sound. It is the story of Nazi-German arrogance and willingness to take risks. It is also the tragic story of Norway’s unwillingness to defend itself and the effect of the nation’s purposeful disarmament. The author gives us a unique insight into Norway’s fateful hour – 9th April 1940.

Vega Forlag 2010
240 Pages

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A former investigative journalist in the fields of finance and political surveillance, Alf R. Jacobsen has served as head of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s Brennpunkt team, which is similarly devoted to in-depth investigation of topical issues. In 1998 he was awarded the Riverton Prize, the Norwegian equivalent of the Silver Dagger, for his crime novel Kharg. He has written both fiction books and documentaries.

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