Cultural History

Lars Mytting

Norwegian Wood
Hel ved. Alt om hogging, stabling, tørking - Og vedfyringens sjel

This book is both a portrait of the Norwegian wood-firing tradition and a complete source of information about firewood. The author Lars Mytting has collected the experiences of seasoned wood-firers in the coldest parts of the country, in addition to a number of leading researchers.
Wood-firing is both a necessity and a culture in Norway. We use 1.5 million tons of firewood annually, and the amount is increasing as electricity prices rise. It is a climate-neutral bio-energy that will play an increasingly important role in the years ahead.
Chopping and firing can be done in the right or the wrong way, and the book is crammed with facts about purchasing firewood, various methods of stacking, drying and firing, but it also deals with forest management, environmental aspects, Norwegian power saw history and stoves. And not least, it contains close encounters with people who have a special relationship to firewood.
A useful book that provides valuable insight for all who use wood-firing – for those who buy firewood by the sack, those who chop a little firewood at their cabins, but also for the real enthusiasts. There is good money to be saved if you buy sensibly and use a correct firing method – and you will increase your fireplace satisfaction too.

Winner of the British Book Industry Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2016

Bok 298

‘It is probably mostly this I think when standing at the chopping block nowadays, that this is a historical event that tells me who I am and where I come from.’

Roy Jacobsen in the foreword

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