Nikolaj Frobenius

You were so deeply loved

Så høyt var du elsket

For years, Dr.Viktor Ulvdal served as a respected and loved general practitioner in an Oslo suburb. He has also been a supportive, caring father for his son Emil since the boy’s mother disappeared on a mission for NORAD when Emil was seven years old. At 85 Viktor is still in good shape, an independent elderly gentleman. Until the day he suffers from a stroke. He is hospitalized, and then released. A new stroke, new hospitalization, release, rehabilitation, released again, a heart attack, hospital, temporary residence in a care centre, new release. Viktor grows weaker and weaker, more and more dependent on help, but still they keep returning him to an empty home. And the illness changes his personality. The once amiable gentleman becomes unpredictable and furious – and Emil has to weather it all, has to suffer the pain of seeing his father decay, the despair and powerlessness of being next of kin to a man who refuses to die.

The new novel connects to Theory and Practice (2004) in which Emil is a punk rebel, and Viktor a very liberal father who is impossible to provoke.

Gyldendal 2011
336 Pages

So far sold to: Denmark (Tiderne Skifter) and Iceland (Draumsýn)

Bok 325
Forfatter 325
Photo: Christian Elgvin

Nikolaj Frobenius debuted in 1986 with Virvl, a collection of prose texts. His third novel, Latour’s Catalog / De Sade’s Valet (1996), became an international success, and his books have been translated into 14 languages. Frobenius’ trademark is an assured talent and a linguistic skill beyond the norm. In his writing he switches between real, fictitious and historical scenarios with supreme confidence.

Jeg skal vise deres frykten (I Will Show You Fear), 2008
Herlige nederlag (Magnificent Defeats), essays 2007
Teori og praksis (Theory and Practice), 2004
Det aller minste (The Very Least), 2003
Andre steder (Other Places), 2001
Den sjenerte pornografen (The Shy Pornographer), 1999
Latours katalog (De Sade’s Valet), 1996