Children And Young Adults
Novel (Series)

Jørn Lier Horst

The Clue Series

The crime fiction series’ title CLUE is formed by the initials of the four main characters in the series: Cecilia, Leo, Une and Egon the dog. The CLUE-books are modern, realistic and action packed-books.
The series will consist of 12 titles. The plot is based in and around «The Pearl» in Ship Bay. Every book has a philosophical subject which the children must use when they try to reveal the mysteries.
In the first three books the readers are introduced to Socrates’ moral philosophy, the question of what time is and Aristotle’s golden mean:

1: The Salamander Mystery (Salamandergåten)
“The language flows well, the plot is tight and exciting, the clues are cunningly spread out and solved without short cuts».

2: The Malteser Mystery (Maltesergåten)
3: The Underwater Mystery (Undervannsgåten)
4: The Grave Robber Mystery (Gravrøvergåten)

Things are happening at night in Ship Bay. Cecilia, Leo and Une discover that somebody has been digging up old graves in the graveyard. It quickly becomes apparent that the old church hides other mysteries as well.

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