Ingelin Røssland

Minus Me

Minus meg

In the middle of a dive, Linda’s heart stops. The mysterious Njål manages to re-start her heart and revive her once again, but it is soon discovered that Linda is terminally ill. If she doesn’t receive a new heart in a very short space of time, she’ll die. Linda is upset and angry, and when Njål appears once again and persuades her to really live the time she has left, she understands that she has a lot of things to sort out. Not only must she see through the plans she made with her best friend Kima, but she also has to sort things out with her holiday friend Rune, who she perhaps hasn’t always been all that nice towards. But nothing turns out quite as expected, and when Linda is finally close to achieving her aims, everything changes. All of a sudden, we hear a very different story…

Cappelen Damm 2011
272 Pages

‘With Minus me Ingvild Røssland … reminds us about how precious life really is … Surprisingly many aspects of death have been given space throughout these 270 pages.’
Bergens Tidende

‘Røssland writes unusally well. … What kind of twist Røssland will apply in order for the story to make sense is part of the suspense. … what really makes an impression in the novel is the teenager’s experience of how people change when they know you are going to die.’

Bok 439
Forfatter 439
Photo: Joar E.M. Klette

Ingelin Røssland is an award-winning and critically acclaimed author who made her debut in 1998. She studied theatre and journalism, and is now based in Stockholm, where she continues to write.

En ekte helt (A Real Hero), 2012

IBBY Hounour List, 2008
UPrisen, Young Adult Book of the Year, 2007, for Handgranateple