Trond Berg Eriksen

Søren Kierkegaard. The Pious Blasphemer

Søren Kierkegaard. Den fromme spotteren

Berg Eriksens latest book is one of the most in-depth presentations of Kierkegaard’s works by a Norwegian author to date. Kierkegaard is one of the few Nordic authors who are truly part of the world literature today. The presentation focuses on Kierkegaard’s understanding of himself as a writer, in that his main ideas about the self and «the individual» in many ways are manifested in his reflections about what he is actually doing.

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Photo: The University of Oslo

Trond Berg Eriksen is a professor of the History of Ideas at the University of Oslo, and is one of Norway’s very best at imparting knowledge about culture and history. His books range in subject from Augustin to Nietzsche, and he has written comprehensively about antiquity and about Rome in particular.

Hva er idéhistorie? (What is history of ideas?), 2003
Vestens store tenkere (Great Western Thinkers) (ed.), 2002
Veien til Toscana (The Road to Tuscany), 2001.
Augustin – det urolige hjerte (Augustin – the restless heart), 2000
Tidens historie (History of time), 1999.
Sør for Alpene, nord for Po (South of the Alps, north of the Po), 1997
Undringens labyrinter (The Labyrinths of Wonder), 1994
Nietzsche & det moderne (Nietzche and modernity), 1987