Self Improvement/Coaching

Erik Bertrand Larssen

No Mercy. Be Your Best With Mental Training
Bli best med mental trening

The Norwegian Bestselling Non-Fiction Title 2012-2013
Businessmen, top athletes, young students and frustrated house wives; Larssen can help them all. No matter what you do – do your best! This is Larssen’s mantra in this amazing book. Larssen helps you to set your life in perspective and to direct your feelings so you can think differently. The book motivates you to push your limits and show no mercy when it comes to your own self development.
No Mercy is a different kind of a self improvement book. It tells a great story about a boy who was always bullied, an underdog who wanted something different for his life and future. In this book you can take part in Larssen’s journey on how he became a stronger and more successful person. Larssen shows how small adjustments can change your life.
A lot of great athletes and businessmen have applied his methods and reached their goals and dreams. You meet some of them in this book, and you also get specific advice and tools on how to get there yourself.

After the great sucess with No Mercy, Larssen wrote an independent follow-up called Hell Week. Seven Days That Will Change Your Life (2013), which has also made it to the Non-fiction Bestseller list. Hell Week is a civil version of an Army Hell Week, which will help you discover your hidden powers, skills and options and achieve permanent change.

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