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Yulia Horst

Tails Throughout Time
Halens historie

This is a fantastically original picture book built on one simple yet alluring premise: What would life be like if people had tails?

A shrewd and lexical text combined with classic and beautiful illustrations, Tails Throughout Time entices the reader to visit a hypothetical world – a world populated by people with tails! We see how tails can be used to convey emotions, how they can come in handy when we want to flirt a little, or even to poke fun at others. We gain an insight into how tails influence fashion trends and why some individuals have a strained relationship with their tail and take drastic steps in order to fit in with beauty ideals. But there’s also a look at more day-to-day matters, such as how to exercise your tail and how to avoid your tail being stepped on.

Tails Throughout Time is a beautiful and charmingly outlandish picture book written in the style of a factbook, all about the history of the tail.

Illustrated by Daria Rychkova.

Awarded the 2014 BolognaRagazzi Award Opera Prima.

Bok 504

Tails Throughout Time is as playful, funny and fantastic as a picture book for children ought to be.’


Tails Throughout Time can be read from the start, end, middle, and will always delight and surprise readers.’