Tor Bomann-Larsen

Roald Amundsen. A biography

Roald Amundsen - En biografi

The polar explorer Roald Amundsen (1872-1928) became one of Norway’s greatest national heroes. He went on his first expedition to the Antarctic as an officer, and in 1901 bought “Gjøa”, a small fishing yacht that was to play an important role in his future explorations. Two years later he set out on an expedition to find the Northwest Passage. After this achievement Amundsen started planning an expedition to the North Pole, but his plans changed and the journey went instead south, towards the Antarctic. The conquering of the South Pole took place on December 14, 1911, when Amundsen, using dogsleds reached with four companions the tip of the Pole, five weeks before the competitor Scott. The victory in the running race for the South Pole gave Amundsen the fame that he needed in order to receive support for the further exploration of unknown parts of the Arctic Zone. The following Maud expedition is recognized as one of the most important research trips in the Arctic Zone of all times. In 1926 Amundsen left with the airship Norway and managed to pass over the North Pole. With this he had achieved all his main goals. Two years later he immediately joined the rescue efforts after the airship Italia had an accident north of Svalbard. During the difficult search operations Amundsen’s plane crashed into the sea near Bjørnøya on June 18, 1928. That put an end to his dramatic life.

Tor Bomann-Larsen’s biography of Roald Amundsen sheds new light on the already known facts, and places into focus the personal enigma that was Amundsen. With each page and each chapter the reader becomes more and more familiar with Roald Amundsen and is able to see him clearer – with all his positive and negative traits.This is a dramatic, humorous and adventurous story which reveals the true flawed character behind the facade of the benign hero.

”Tor Bomann-Larsen’s book will remain standing as great biographical art. I can rarely remember having read a biography in which the human enigma itself to such an extent is being thrown into relief.” (Erik Fosnes Hansen, Nordisk litteratur 1996)

”This year’s Amundsen biography by Tor Bomann-Larsen has little in common with previous arctic books. In fact, it makes nearly all previous variants look withered and pathetic.” ( Dagbladet)

“It is OUTSTANDING. What more can I say?” (Roland Huntford, Cambridge)

Cappelen 1995

Forfatter 69

Tor Bomann-Larsen is one of Norway’s leading biographers. He writes with a rare elegance and with great scope and insight. He has published a number of books in different genres.

In 2004 Tor Bomann-Larsen was awarded the Brage Prize for Non-Fiction for Folket. Haakon & Maud II (King Edward’s Daughter).

Den evige sne. En skihistorie om Norge, 1993
Livlegen, documentary novel 1999.
Kongstanken. Haakon & Maud I, 2002.
Folket. Haakon & Maud II, 2004.
Vintertronen, Haakon & Maud III, 2004.