Siri Pettersen

The Raven Rings 1-3

Ravneringene 1-3

An international award-winning, best-selling fantasy series from Norway, built on a norse foundation, with over a third of a million books sold worldwide. Winner and nominee of numerious awards in several countries, and the first fantasy ever to be nominated for the prestigious Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize.

There are no prophecies, no dragons, and no magic swords. There is magic, to be sure, but you won’t find that word in the book. The protagonist is a resourceful, female outcast, living with a savage Northerner who deals drugs. She is not ‘chosen’, and has no special powers. In fact, what sets her apart is the terrifying fact that she lacks the powers that everyone else has.

The trilogy consists of Odin’s Child, (Odinsbarn, 2013) The Rot (Råta, 2014) and The Might (Evna, 2015).

Winner of the Fabel Award (Fabelprisen) 2014, ARK Bookseller’s Book of the Year Award 2015 and also on IBBY Norway’s Honour List 2016.

Bok 510

About Odin’s Child:
‘The book offers nerve-wracking suspense and convincing characters.’


‘Very good … An impressive work running at steady pace towards a spectacular conclusion.’


‘Debut author Siri Pettersen exhibits talent way beyond average in the fantasy genre, and has written a vivid, exciting and great story.’

Pettersen, siri photo julie loen
Photo: Julie Loen

Siri Pettersen was born in Finnsnes, a small town in the north of Norway. She is a lifelong escapist, designer, illustrator, comic creator, webdesigner and writer. Siri Pettersen has received The Sproing Award, for promotion and work to increase the interest for comics in Norway.
Today she spends all her time to the fantasy literature and writing.