Frode Granhus

Devil’s Remorse


In Devil’s Remorse police detective Rino Carlsen is back at Bodø police station. When a five-year-old girl disappears from her home, he is on the case alongside the newest member of the team, Guro Hammer. So far, she has proven immune to his charms, but he has no intentions to giving up. However, the case itself will soon require the full attention of both detectives, as it becomes obvious the girl has been kidnapped, and that her kidnapping bears a striking resemblance to a couple of unsolved cases from the past…
One summer day, happy little Ida runs along to pick flowers, her dolls in tow – but she never returns. It has not rained in ages. The heat is drying out the pond Emilie Sande keeps seeking out. Water levels are dropping, while her despair is rising. Because something lies hidden beneath the surface. Something she desperately wants to keep hidden from view.

Frode Granhus’ previous novel, The Storm (2012), was shortlisted for both the Riverton Award – Norway’s most prestigious crime fiction award – and the Norwegian Booksellers’ Award 2012. Devil’s Remorse is the third novel featuring Detective Rino Carlsen. The unpredictable northern Norwegian landscape once again forms the backdrop to a fiendishly clever plot, dragging the reader along on the hunt for a child abductor.

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Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik

Frode Granhus (1965-2017) made his debut with a crime novel in 2003. His books are sold to Czech republic, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Russia.

PRAISE for The Maelstrom (2010):
“One would be hard pushed to find something more intense and better than what Frode Granhus has written here.”
6 stars – Bergensavisen

“It just remains to congratulate Frode Granhus with one of the autumn’s most exciting books!”

PRAISE for The Storm (2012):
“The book is told effectively in 84 small chapters, with several narrators and points of views. The story ends in a fierce storm, and the reader barely manages to comprehend who’s who and what and who is the culprit, before Granhus sneaks in new openings. Well done! “
5 stars – VG