Tomas Espedal

Tramp. (or the Art of Living a Wild and Poetic Life)

Gå. (eller kunsten å leve et vilt og poetisk liv)

Walking. Setting out on foot, out onto the open road; a romantic venture, yet filled with tough experiences: sleeping outdoors, losing one’s way, confronting one’s limitations, meeting people, passing through wilderness and town, drifting through the streets of Paris and Istanbul, crossing bridges and borders, walking in foreign lands and unknown regions.

The walker has neither protection nor home, he travels without haste or fixed destination, he walks to be closer to the things he comes across on his travels. He aims to live the wild and poetic life. He follows his own routes, but also takes detours in the footsteps of the famous literary wanderers; Rousseau, Wordsworth, Hölderlin and Rimbaud; he reads the poets and the philosophers in a quest to teach himself the art of walking.


“… a featherlight and elegant invitation into the simple, but challenging joys of life and literature.”

Forfatter 560

Tomas Espedal made his debut in 1988. He has published short prose and novels alike, and was a prize-winner in 1991 of the joint Radio P2/Book Club Novelists’ competition.

En vill flukt av parfymer, novel 1988.
Jeg vil bo i mitt navn, novel 1990.
Hun og jeg, novel 1991.
Hotell Norge, novel 1995.
Blond (erindring), novel 1996.
Biografi (glemsel), novel 1999.
Dagbok (epitafer), novel 2003.
Brev (et forsøk), novel 2005.