Gaute Heivoll

Across The China Sea

Over det kinesiske hav

With a story based on real events Gaute Heivoll has written a deeply humanistic novel about defenceless individuals, the ties between brothers and sisters and a mother’s lifelong love for her child.
Just before the Second World War a couple opens their own care home for the “mentally deficient”. In addition to their little family of four – father, mother, son and daughter – their rooms are soon filled with patients: the religious brooder Christian Jensen; the silent Matiassen, forever sitting and rocking to and fro, and Uncle Josef, one of the best-read people in the
district. After a while a group of five brothers and sisters also move in. Josef calls them simply “the boobies from Stavanger” but nevertheless they soon become part of this motley family.
The war ends, but those living in the little “madhouse” will have anything but peace. For soon they are to suffer a tragedy that will pursue them for the rest of their lives.

“Again Heivoll shows his brilliance as a storyteller … a powerful, original, deeply moving story … in long parts this novel is both beautiful and disturbing” – Dagsavisen

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Photo: Paal Audestad

Gaute Heivoll is a prolific and varied author.He has written novels, short stories, poems and children’s books. In 2010 he broke through with Før jeg brenner ned (Before I Burn), which won the Brage Prize the same year and was sold to eighteen countries. is Heivoll’s sixth novel.

Kongens hjerte (The King’s Heart), novel 2011
Før jeg brenner ned (Before I Burn), novel 2010
Himmelarkivet (The Heaven Archive), novel 2008
Doktor Gordeau og andre noveller (Doctor Gordeau and Other Stories), short stories, 2007
Kjærlighetsdikt på bunnen av elva (Love Poems at the River Bottom), poetry, 2006
Ungdomssangen (Song of Youth), novel 2005
Omars siste dager (Omar’s Last Days), novel 2004

2011: The Hunger Prize
2011: Southern Norway’s Literary Prize
2010: The Brage Prize
2009: Sogndalen Literary Prize
2009: Southern Norway’s Literary Prize
2008: Southern Norway’s Literary Prize
2003: The Tiden Prize